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Anonymous asked: Why don't you like 5SOS?


where do i begin

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Oh yea and kissing male fans just proves how homophobic 5sos is! There are millions of people out there who truly are against gay and lesbians rights yet none of you care even the slightest bit about them because they’re ‘just normal people’. But if someone famous says ‘fag’ it’s like the worst thing ever! Don’t you dare pretending like you’ve never said anything like that in your fucking teenage years. You really don’t have to like 5sos - that’s none of my business - but justifing it by saying that these boys are homophobic is simply wrong.
P.s not every band is completely controlled by a certain management ;——)

how to handle seeing calum’s nudes


1. gawk for .6 seconds bc hey you’re only human and it’s not your fault they were on your dash

2a. laugh bc calum made silly decision hehe oh cal.
2b. shake head bc person who leaked it also made silly decision tsk tsk

3. maybe a dick joke bc who doesn’t like a dick joke.

4. be done with it and move on bc no matter your opinion on topic, it’s none of your business and you should stop drawing attention to the sitch.

5. make nachos.


why is that when a girl’s nudes get leaked she’s a slut and it’s all her fault but when the boy’s get leaked it was the girl that’s a bitch and the guy is a victim to it


but guys like woah 5sos literally smashed it and dylan obrien introduced them, and it was right after usher, and cal performed in front of katy perry and they all look far too good to be human and best lyric video and holy shit im so fucking proud

5sos when their bae is cold

  • Ashton : *Makes her tea*
  • Luke : *cuddles with her*
  • Michael : *Gives her his jacket*
  • Calum : "Dammit woman i can't control the weather"


ed sheeran has that cool level of fame where he can sell out multiple msg shows but doesn’t get mobbed on subways 

That’s not a cool level of fame but a cool level of awesome fanbase unlike other artists have